MATH 1113 Basic Skills Test Registration

Registration for the exams will usually open a week before your exam date.
Please read the following carefully:

  • Testing Rooms: Testing will be in Boyd GSRC, in either Room 220 or 324.
  • Testing Times: Testing times vary, but are usually given from noon to 9PM.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis. If you do not see these slots when you go to register, it means that the time slot is full. Failure to reserve a testing spot may result in a grade of 0 for that test.
  • You may change your registration at any time. Simply select a new testing block and it will override your previous reservation.
  • You may also check your reserved time slot by going to the registration site. Registered times that are in the past will not show. Please note both your testing date and time.  Any student that shows up for the wrong testing block will be asked to leave the room.

There are three sets of the  basic skills tests, and each set is composed of two trials. We will take the higher of the two grades for each set, and you are not required to take both tests. The tests will take place on the following days:

Basic Skills Test 1   Days for Group A Days for Group B
  First Attempt: 12-13 September 13-14 September
  Second Attempt: 19-20 September 20-21 September
Basic Skills Test 2   Days for Group A Days for Group B
  First Attempt: 5, 8 October 8-9 October
  Second Attempt: 15-16 October 16-17 October
Basic Skills Test 3   Days for Group A Days for Group B
  First Attempt: 9, 12 November 12-13 November
  Second Attempt: 26-27 November 27-28 November


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the test registration policies of the Mathematics department of the University of Georgia.