Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Boyd Graduate Studies Bldg., Room 328

Dear Prospective Mathematics Major,

* Have you ever wondered what you can do with a degree in mathematics?
* Do you want to meet math faculty and current math majors in an informal setting?
* Would you like free pizza and refreshments?

Then please join us at the MATHEMATICS MAJOR FAIR.

The overall plan for the event includes:

1) Learn about undergraduate research, student experiences, and mingle with faculty and students.

2) Several short presentations, by alumni and faculty members, about topics like:

(a) How math is used in the job world
(b) Interesting puzzles and problems: math you may never have considered before
(c) Once you're a math major or minor, what will you need to do?

3) Free pizza and drinks after the presentations (moved to the Matrix, Room 308)


This meeting is co-organized by Dr. Michael Klipper and the UGA Math Club.

FURTHER NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES for undergraduates at all events organized by the Math Club.