Juan B. Gutierrez
Assistant Professor
440 Boyd GSRC
Curriculum Vitae: 

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I am passionate about biomathematics. I envision research in biomathematics as a constant exchange of ideas with experts in biological sciences. This conversation enriches biology with the insight provided by mathematics, and it enriches mathematics with the demands of complex problems originated in biology. Joel Cohen put it succinctly and brilliantly: "mathematics is biology's next microscope, only better; biology is mathematics' next physics, only better". My primary area of research in mathematics is dynamical systems (both finite and infinite-dimensional). My current areas of applied mathematical research span two significant problems with profound societal implications: invasive species, and malaria.

I explore mathematical and computational models that connect genes to ecology. My current direction of research includes (i) genetic control of invasive species via autocidal organisms, which are produced via phenotypic and genotypic manipulations, and (ii) malaria, from within-host dynamics to between-host epidemiology. My lab studies the 'omics of malaria (transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, lipidomics, etc.); we are developing new methods to integrate data from multiple sources and multiple scales. I specialize in data management of very large and heterogeneous biological data sets, a.k.a. big data.

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