Date and time:
Boyd Graduate Studies Bldg.

2015 Georgia Topology Conference

June 10-14, 2105

Room 328, Boyd Graduate Studies Building

The focus of the conference will be on symplectic topology and dynamics.

The list of speakers who have accepted our invitation includes:

Erkao Bao (UCLA)
Olguta Buse (IUPUI)
Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner (Harvard)
Jean Gutt (Berkeley)
Kristen Hendricks (UCLA)
Ailsa Keating (Columbia)
Michael Khanevsky (Chicago)
Tian-Jun Li (Minnesota)
Samuel Lisi (Mississippi)
Cheuk-Yu Mak (Minnesota)
Mark McLean (Stony Brook)
Jo Nelson (IAS/Barnard)
Andres Pedroza (Colima)
Egor Shelukhin (Montreal)
Mohammed Tehrani (Stony Brook)
Weiwei Wu (Montreal) 


The main conference organizer is Mike Usher. The conference is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DMS-1435788).