The Graduate Program


The deadline for Fall admission with full consideration for all possible financial aid is January 1. Applications completed after that date will still be considered for admission, but will miss some financial aid opportunities. The department normally does not admit students for Spring semester, as both our assistantship budget and our program of courses are geared toward Fall admissions.

NEW: Effective with applications since 2011, the admissions committee requires that applicants take the Mathematics Subject GRE (which can be waived is his or her country does not offer this testing service) and submit your official score to the Graduate School. In addition, each applicant must send a list of his or her college math courses, grades received and overall math GPA to

Financial Aid

The Mathematics Department offers financial support to all PhD students as long as they are making satisfactory progress toward their degrees. Historically, about half of our MA and MAMS students have received financial support; recently, the percentage of supported Masters students has been higher. Available support includes the prestigious Presidential Fellowships at $27,000 for five years, Graduate School Assistantships with no teaching duties for two years, and Departmental Teaching Assistantships. In addition, we support most of our graduate students during the summer. To see the cost of living in Athens, GA, you may use the link Athens/Clarke County, Georgia (Cost of Living).

Research Groups

We have the following research groups in our department:
Algebraic Geometry, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Geometry, Number Theory, Teacher Education, Topology, Collaboration Graph. In particular, see exciting research work from some of our faculty members: Valery Alexeev, Pete Clark, Juan Gutierrez, Sybila Beckmann Kazez, Daniel Krashen, Dino Lorenzini, Ming-Jun Lai, Neil Lyall, Daniel Nakano, & Michael Usher, etc.

Our Students Post-Degree Placement

You may be wondering what kinds of jobs our graduate students get and where they go. A list of recent student post-degree placement is provided for your convenience. See Placements for details.