Placement Criteria for Entry-Level Mathematics Courses at UGA

Entering students will take the Department's Placement Test (DMAT) during orientation. Those scoring 12 or above will be advised to register for courses as follows:

Score of 16 or above: ready for calculus (MATH 2200 or MATH 2250) We generally advise MATH 2250 instead of MATH 2200 for calculus, since
2250 satisfies any 2200 requirement but not vice versa.

Score between 12 and 15 inclusive: ready for regular section of precalculus (MATH 1113)

Entry level math courses for most students with Placement Test scores of 11 or less will depend on their degree programs:

Score < 12, degree program does not require precalculus: take Mathematical Modeling (MATH 1101)
Score < 12, degree program does require precalculus: register for an intensive precalculus section

Precalculus is required of all students in the College of Business and all Science majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. For maximum flexibility, students who are unsure of their majors are also encouraged to register for an intensive precalculus section.

Students scoring below 10 on the Departmental placement test (DMAT) may be directed to Academic Enhancement. Find your DMAT score in the first column of the following table. If your (recentered) Math SAT score is as listed in the second column (or your Math ACT test score is as listed in the third column), then you will be directed to Academic Enhancement . 

DMAT Score Math SAT Score Math ACT Score


below 490 below 21
8 below 500 below 21
7 below 510 below 22


below 520 below 22
5 below 530 below 23
4 below 530 below 23
3 below 540 below 23
2 below 550 below 24
1 below 560 below 24
0 below 570 below 25