The University

The University of Georgia is the oldest chartered state university in the United States, having celebrated its bicentennial in 1985. In over two hundred years, the University of Georgia has grown from thirty students meeting in a log cabin to having today over two thousand faculty members and about thirty thousand students, of whom more than seven thousand are graduate students. The main campus is 605 acres and has 322 buildings. The University of Georgia is considered to be one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the Southeast, and is well regarded both nationally and internationally. The University of Georgia is the flagship school of the Georgia State system, and its faculty provide instruction and carry out research in a very wide range of disciplines.

The University operates on a semester system. The Fall semester runs from mid-August to mid-December; the Spring semester lasts from early January to early May; and the Summer semester begins in mid-June and finishes in early August.

Further general information about the University can be found in the University of Georgia Graduate Bulletin and the Graduate School's Application for Admission Requirements