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For Math 2250 and 2260, there are two types of homework sets on WebWork.

  • The regular sets named HWT_X.Y, where X is the chapter and Y is the section number are suggested homework problems from the course syllabus.
  • The extra problems named HWTX.Y_Plus are extra problems associated to these sections.

These assignments are not visible to students until you assign them. Here's how to do so.

  • First, make sure that your class has all the students in the classroll.
  • After logging into your WebWork course, click on Hmwk Sets Editor2.
  • If you want to assign these assignments one at a time, click on the pencil button beside the appropriate section. If you want to do this en masse, click on "Edit", select the sets you want to edit, then click "Take Action".
  • You will then need to change the open/due/and answer dates. Open date is the date and time that the students will start seeing these assignments. Make sure that the open date is before the due date and answer date.
  • Make sure to click "Save Edit", then click "Take Action!" You're not done yet.
  • Go back to Hmwk Sets Editor2. Look at the "Edit Assigned Users" column. If it says 3/N, where N is the number of students in your class, then this means your student will not be able to see the assignment. Click on this link. (You unfortunately have to do this one at a time.)
  • You will need to click "Assign to All Current Users", then click save. Now your students will see the assignment. Repeat as necessary.