What Students Need To Know.

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  • It would be best to give them the direct link to your WebWork webpage. This is usually of the form


    where XXXX is the four digit Math course, Y is the semester term, and ZZ is the two digit calendar year.

  • For your students: your username is your myUGA id and your password is your 810 number. For example:
    • Harry Dawg's email address is hdawg@uga.edu. This means his WebWork username is hdawg.
    • Harry Dawg's student ID number is 8101234560. This means that his WebWork password is 810123456.
  • Unless specified, students have unlimited number of tries for each problem. The assignments are not timed, but will need to be completed before the due date.
  • Each homework set can be converted into a .pdf file, and thus can then be printed. You do this by selecting the Homework Set, click "Download PDF or Tex Hardcopy for Current Set", then "Generate hardcopy.." at the bottom.