In order to access WebWork off-campus, you will need to use a VPN client. Please follow these directions to get started.  
NOTE:  Steps 1 - 3 only have to be done once for every electronic device you plan on using.  

Step 1:  Download Duo Mobile for your mobile device.

Go to your the app store for your device and download Duo Mobile. This should be a free application.

Step 2:  Activate Duo Mobile.

Go to this webpage: and follow the directions.  This will sync your Duo Mobile app with the University of Georgia firewall.

Step 3:  Download the VPN Client.

Go to this webpage and follow the instructions for the device you plan on using:  

Now that you have the VPN client installed, these are the steps you need to do in order to access WebWork off-campus:

Step 4:  Launch Cisco AnyConnect.
Open up the program "Cisco AnyConnect", type in "", and click "Connect".

Step 5:  Two-Step Log in.
Log in using your myID/password.  The second password is a numeric key obtained from DuoMobile (mobile app).  Alternatively, you can type "push" and it will give you a phone alert to approve your login.


Step 6:  You are now ready to use WebWork!  You will also get an email notification everytime you log into the VPN network.

Note: If you have any further questions, please contact your instructor.

Credits:  Online guide created by Phil Bergonio using Michael Klipper's instructions.