Fall 2017 Newsletter

Children at math camp

Dear Friends of UGA Math,
Greetings! I hope you’ve had a productive and enjoyable 2017.  I’d like to update you on what’s been happening in the Math Department. To mention a few things:

 We graduated 49 Math majors this spring and summer, and expect 16 more to graduate in December. They have gone to graduate school and some have taken industry jobs with various companies such as AT&T, Cigna Healthcare, Aon, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, etc.

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2017 UGA High School Math Tournament

2017 Tournament

The 2017 tournament will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Each school may enter from one to three 4-student teams, who will compete in the usual written and ciphering rounds. (Fewer than four persons may compete as a team, with missing members being awarded scores of zero.) Individuals without a team can participate as well.

The entry charge is $35.00 per each team (not per each school) or $15 for individuals participating without a team. (This includes the charge for a light lunch during the competition break.) 

Additive Combinatorics

Additive Combinatorics and Discrete Analysis Research Group at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia. Follow the following link for more information on this particular research area: https://research.franklin.uga.edu/additive-combinatorics/