MATH 2250: Course Information.

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About This Class.
Math 2250 is a four-hour course designed for Science and Engineering majors. Please see your adviser to make sure that this is the right class for you. Please click here for information about transferring credit from a different institution.


Course Objectives from CAPA.
The student will understand the limit and the derivative both conceptually and operationally. The student will learn how to use calculus concepts to model and solve various typical problems in science and engineering, with particular emphasis on graphs, optimization problems, and basic integration problems. The student will learn to set up word problems clearly and concisely and to provide clear solutions.


Topical Outline from CAPA.

  • Functions, rates of change, limits.
  • Differentiation rules: polynomials and transcendental functions, sum, product and quotient rules, chain rule, implicit differentiation; inverse functions.
  • Applications of differentiation: linear approximation, Newton's method, curve sketching and convexity, optimization problems, related rate problems, L'Hôpital's rule.
  • The integral and summation notation, anti-differentiation, Fundamental Theorem of calculus. Areas between curves and some techniques of integration.