Listed below are some research opportunities for undergraduate students who wish to participate in research projects. These experiences also provide opportunities for students to give presentations of their projects at symposia and professional meetings. All of these satisfy the university Experiential Learning requirement.

Introductory Vertical Research Group, MATH 4950.

CURO offers University of Georgia undergraduates the opportunity to engage in faculty-mentored research regardless of discipline, major or GPA – even students in their first year.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation. 

American Mathematical Society REU
Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Programs.

The AGANT (Algebraic Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory) Research and Training Group at the University of Georgia Mathematics Department coordinates a number of programs and activities at a variety of levels, from high school students to postdoctoral fellows.