The Department of Mathematics of the University of Georgia is a vibrant mathematical community. The department has held an NSF VIGRE grant and an NSF VIGRE II grant for 12 years, and currently holds a $2,000,000 NSF Research and Training Group (RTG) grant (2014-2020). These grants provide additional financial support for graduate students, and stimulate research and teaching collaborations among the mathematics faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate students, and undergraduates. Our department is one of only a dozen mathematics and statistics departments nationwide to receive a second VIGRE grant. We are noted for the friendliness of our faculty and students, and for our flexibility in adapting programs to the needs of each individual student. The department has particularly active research groups in algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, applied mathematics, geometry, number theory, topology, and education.

Graduate Students at Department Picnic




  • Congratulations to Ziqing Xiang (Ph.D. 2019), for his article Rational Designs in Advances of Mathematics with Zhen Cui and Jiacheng Xia.
  • Congratulations to Nick Castro (Ph.D. 2016), who was selected for the Excellence in Research by Graduate Students Award.
  • Congratulations to Adrian Brunyate (Ph.D. 2015), who was awarded a prestigious 2015-2018 NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.
  • Congratulations to first year graduate student Ziqing Xiang, who was invited to talk at the 2014 Workshop on Sphere Packings, Lattices, and Designs, in Vienna, Austria.
  • Congratulations to David Krumm (Ph.D. 2013), who was awarded an AMS-Simons Travel Grant (2013-2015).
  • Congratulations to Ben Wyser (Ph.D. 2012), who was awarded a prestigious 2012-2014 NSF International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for 2 years study in France.
  • Congratulations to Gerard Awanou (Ph.D. 2003), who was awarded Sloan Fellowship in 2009.