Preparing for doctoral work

Students who may be interested in pursuing doctoral work in mathematics are encouraged to complete MATH 4000-4010, either MATH 4110 or MATH 4120, MATH 4200 (and MATH 4220 or MATH 4250), and some 8000-level (graduate) courses. 

Students interested in applying to top Ph.D. programs should plan to take the GRE Math subject test (in addition to the GRE general test). Good scores on such tests increase your chances that your application will be noticed by admission committees. The Math subject test is offered in the spring and twice in the fall (for applicants in the US, it is offered in April, September, and October). 

Dedicated preparation of these tests and practice is strongly recommended. A GRE practice book can be downloaded here. We recommend that you attempt the GRE Math subject test in the spring of your junior year, and retake it if necessary in September of your senior year (in 2019, the registration deadline for the spring session is March 8). The score on the GRE Math subject test will help you calibrate the list of graduate schools where you will apply. The mathematics department may offer a GRE Math subject test preparation class in the spring semester (specific section of Math 3220) if there is sufficient interest.