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Tags: Seminars

Title of talk:  "Combinatorial constructions for degenerations of derived categories"
  Title: An Introduction to Khovanov homology Abstract: I will give a hands-on introduction to Khovanov homology based on the first portion of Bar-Natan's excellent introduction ( Just as singular homology associates a collection of groups (one for each dimension) to a topological space, Khovanov homology associates a collection of groups to a link. It can be computed from a link diagram via a very…
  Title 2: Determining which groups have the same character table. Abstract 2: Two groups are said to have the same character table if a permutation of the rows and a permutation of the columns of one table produces the other table. The problem of determining when two groups have the same character table is computationally intriguing. We have constructed a database containing for all finite groups of order less than 2000 (excluding those of…
Title: Sumsets in the roots of unity Abstract: How large can the size of sets A and B be if their sum set is contained in the set of quadratic residues modulo p? We will discuss progress on this old problem and what it implies for a conjecture of Sarkozy, that the quadratic residues modulo any prime p can only be written as a sum set A+B if one of the two sets is a singleton.
Title: Moduli of 'almost K3' stable log surfaces, curves of genus 4, and degree 6 K3 surfaces with nonsymplectic Z/3Z group actions. Abstract: Observe that any construction of "meaningful" compactification of moduli spaces of objects involve enlarging the class of objects in consideration. For example, Deligne and Mumford introduced the notion of stable curves in order to compactify the moduli of smooth curves of genus g. I will briefly…

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