Some words of general advice

Students who are thinking of working in a computer-oriented job are encouraged to take courses in Computer Science. Students who may be interested in the applications of mathematics to science are encouraged to study more physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

Many students from the sciences (and even humanities) find that a double major with mathematics is a particularly rewarding endeavor. An increasing number of students who are interested in a medical or biotechnical career are majoring in mathematics. The mathematics program meshes particularly well with Computer Science (especially if you're interested in either computer graphics or graduate work) and Physics.

For general career advice, the UGA Career Center (Clark Howell Hall) can help you with career options, guidance on writing résumés, interviews, and so on.

Some job applications require letters of recommendation. Remember that if you would like for your UGA recommender to provide information about your grades, grade point average, or class rank, you need to give written authorization to this recommender, by filling out this consent form.