If you are traveling for a conference you are required to do the following:

  • 1. Notify your direct supervisor if you have assigned teaching duties during the period of travel.
  • 2. Submit a travel authority request (this is a two step process for international travel and can take an extra day or two). Note that this is required even if you are not seeking financial reimbursement.

Guidelines for funding:

Departmental funds for travel by graduate students are always scarce. Thus it is necessary to introduce some guidelines for the disbursement of these funds.

  1. Typically the department will fund at most one trip per student per year, so it is incumbent on the student and the advisor to choose the most beneficial conference/workshop/etc.
  2. The request for funding must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the advisor addressing: the benefit to the student and the department; whether the advisor will accompany the student; expected sources of cost sharing; any other relevant factors from item 3 below. The request should also include an estimate of the expected expenses for registration, travel and lodging (not meals).
  3. Factors that will influence the decision include whether:
    • the student will give a talk (especially: invited)
    • there is a source of cost sharing, including:
      • UGA Graduate School (the student must be giving a talk to be eligible)
      • conference/workshop funds
      • the advisor's grant
      • another faculty member's grant (sometimes these have surplus funds) 
    • the visit will markedly enhance the student's stature and training in his/her area
    • the student is expecting to graduate this year
    • the visit could result in an imminent job offer
    • the advisor is accompanying, to assist the student with "networking"
  4. Complete the travel request form and submit your request along with the letter of support from your advisor to Laura Ackerley and Dr. Neil Lyall at grad@math.uga.edu at least three weeks before your traveling departure date. Please title your email: Funding of -your requested amount-$ for Your Name. The graduate committee will make the final decision on funding for the request. It is the student's responsibility to remind the advisor to submit the letter of support.
  5. Every graduate student traveling away from official duties needs to log into OneSource and create a travel authorization. See instructions here. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST CREATE YOUR TRAVEL AUTHORITY BEFORE YOU TRAVEL IN ORDER TO BE REIMBURSED.
    • If traveling abroad, the student also needs to file http://oie.uga.edu/students-travel-registration/.
    • If the student is using Department money for the travel, questions may be addressed to Christy McDonald.
    • If the student has been awarded funding that includes university money or grant money, questions may be addressed to Connie Poore.


Additional Travel Funding Sources:


Last updated: August, 2019